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For Homeowners.

We have made the process of turning sunlight into electricity simple and easy.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels are devices that convert light into raw electricity. Comprised of silicon and glass, a Solar panel will convert the suns ray into raw electricity when it hits the silicon.

Solar Inverters

Once the raw energy is captured direct current (DC) from the Solar Panels. It is then converted with an inverter which takes the DC supply and converts it into alternating current (AC).

The standard home uses this AC supply to run your light, toaster and alarm clock.

Bi-directional Metering

During the day excess electricity can flow out into the grid and you earn Micro-Generation credit; at night and during less sunny periods, electricity comes from the grid. Credits and consumption are both measured by your wire service provider and provided to you on your bill by your electricity retailer. SOLARMAX Power is an electricity retailer and provides exceptionally good rates to all of its customers.

Monitoring Your Energy

Your home is now running using the sun by creating your own solar power. Helping the environment and save you money.

SOLARMAX Power can help you track and compare your home's energy production.

By combining SOLARMAX's Power and Solar solutions you can lock in great rates to save you even more.

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