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How Can SOLARMAX Power Help You?

Adopting solar power can be more than a strong statement on sustainability and social responsibility. It can also drive real benefits to the bottom line of your business.

Solar Power Purchase Agreement

Under a SOLARMAX Power PPA, we install, own and operate the solar power system. You purchase the electricity it generates, typically at rates comparable to traditional utility power. SOLARMAX Power is a competitive electricity retailer and can provide you an energy solution that combines solar power and traditional utility power.

The advantages for your business are:

  • Meet sustainability goals with zero up-front costs
  • Secure energy prices for 20 years+
  • Enjoy worry free and predictable performance

Purchase a Solar Power System

Solar is a long term commitment, so it is important to partner with a trusted expert. There is a lot to know from optimizing system design, to connecting to the utility grid.

You want to partner with a solar company that you know will be in business today and beyond 20 years from now. SOLARMAX Power has been in the solar business since 2002 and is a member company of a large construction group that has been operating in since 1977.

You can use the purchase of solar panels to lower your energy consumption and secure a competitive rate on traditional utility power through SOLARMAX Power as well.

Innovative Solar Ideas

Getting creative in ways to capture solar energy is gaining speed throughout the industry.

SOLARMAX Power can help your business discover, plan and build a suitable solution for any demand in just about any location.

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Rooftop Solar

Rooftop Solar is one of the most popular solar solutions. It allows consumers and businesses to place solar panels in areas that are under-utilized.

Depending on the size of your roof and your energy demands your business could have a net energy production and usage, which translates into lower overhead.

Saving you money.

Vacant Land (Solar Farming)

Solar farming is the term for turning unused vacant land it a energy production center.

With solar farms the solar panels are not fixed to one position, allowing them to move with the sun. The tendancy is that solar farms output more power. Allowing us to burn less fossil fuels and provide revenue back to your company.

Parking Lot Solar Canopy

Parking Lot Solar canopies is just that. A canopy covering your parking area with solar panels.

Not only does it serve as an energy production system, it also protects the vehicles parked under the canopy, along with helping lessen the demand on fossil fules.

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Off Site Solutions

If none of the other idea are something your company can accommodate on site, an Off Site solution is another option.

It allows for the panel to be placed at another location, still allowing you to use the power your panels are produceing.