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Net-Zero homes produce as much energy as they consume on an annual basis. By generating clean electricity with solar power you can decrease your need for grid electricity.
The simple answer is yes. Every home is unique so we design a home solar energy system specifically to meet your energy needs and savings goals. Get a free solar consultation and find out how generating your own solar power can lower your energy costs in a sustainable way.
Electricity exported to the grid by Small Micro-Generators (MG), as defined under the provisions of the Province of Alberta, Electric Utilities Act, Micro-Generation Regulation, is calculated based on meter read information provided by your respective wires company. The export electricity metered data is processed on a monthly basis and will be included as a 'MG Credit' on your invoice.
Please call your Wires Distribution Company (ATCO, ENMAX, EPCOR, FortisAlberta, Lethbridge).
In Alberta, you can choose how you buy electricity. You can sign a contract with an Energy Retailer at an agreed contract price and terms. You also can buy your electricity at a regulated rate, often called the RRO. The regulated rate is the unit price of electricity (cents per kilowatt hour - kWh). The Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) regulates Alberta's investor-owned and municipally-owned utilities to ensure that customers receive electricity at a just and reasonable rate. This rate changes each month. If you have not chosen a competitive electricity retailer and you use less than 250,000 kWh per year, you will continue to be eligible for the RRO.
An energy contract is a legal agreement between you and a licensed Energy Retailer. It states the price you will pay for energy and the terms and conditions of your energy purchase.

For a detailed list of Alberta's Retailers click here.

For more information, contact the Utilities Consumer Advocate at or 310-4822.

It is important to remember that electricity delivery to your home or business is not affected by your choice of retailer.

The simple answer is 'Yes' but you must check the terms of your contract as they may have a penalty or early exit fee if you cancel before your contract expiry date. If you have a long-term fixed contract, we encourage you to honour the contract commitments. When your contract expires, however, we hope you will consider switching to SOLARMAX Power. RRO customers can switch over at any time. Switching is easy.

You must give us at least 10 business days written notice before you move by submitting a completed Moving / Contract Cancellation Form. If the new location is within a territory we serve and you wish to remain our customer, you must complete a new

Sign-Up Form applicable to your new location: Sign Up.

Any interruption in supply of electricity or services caused by your failure to give us 10 business days notice and any additional costs either of us incur in serving the new location will be your responsibility.

You can cancel within 10 days of the date we receive your completed sign up form. You may cancel this Contract at any time without penalty by submitting a completed Contract Cancellation Form. Mandatory minimum 10 business days written notice applies.

Please submit completed Account Change Request Form together with a copy of the Void Cheque or Bank account confirmation form issued by the bank, at least 10 days prior to the next payment due date.

Please submit completed Account Change Request Form.

Yes you can. Please submit Rate Change Request Form. There is no fee or penalty; however mandatory 10 business days notice applies.

Below are the common terms in SOLARMAX's monthly invoice

a) Meter Read:

Each month the Wires Distribution Company (ATCO, ENMAX, EPCOR, FortisAlberta, Lethbridge) will read your meter and prepare a file called a Tariff Bill File (TBF). This electronic file is sent to the retailer. It contains the current meter read and the date the meter was read. The difference between the current read and the previous read is your actual consumption during the defined time period. The actual consumption is used to calculate the cost and price of your energy use.

b) Distribution Fees:

These fees are regulated by the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC). The current charges invoiced by the Wires Distribution Company that services your site is billed monthly, with direct pass through of distribution fees. No additional charges or mark-up is applied to these charges.

c) Administration (Admin) Fees:

This covers the basic transactional fees incurred by UTILITYnet and us in processing your invoice. Please refer to SOLARMAX Power Rates for current rates.

d) Wholesale Cost:

This is the actual cost for the electricity you consumed. To calculate the Wholesale Cost, we use the hourly Pool Price (PP) averaged over the calendar month. We then adjust this cost based on your consumption relative to your Profile Class. This Profile Class is determined by your Wires Distribution Company. The Wholesale Cost includes the Line Loss (LL), Unaccounted For Energy (UFE), Retail Market Adjustments (RAM) plus the Alberta Electric System Operator's Spot Trading Charge (STC).

e) Energy Price:

The energy price is adjusted monthly. It is based on the average Wholesale Cost of electricity consumed plus Retailer Markup (profit margin for SOLARMAX Power). This price is applied to the energy you use, based on the meter read.

f) Common Terms:

The following terms are often used in the electricity industry - Line Losses (LL), Pool Prices (PP), Spot Trading Charge (STC) and Unaccounted For Energy (UFE). A few brief descriptions are given below, but for more detailed explanations please visit UTILITYnet's Glossary. The monthly and historical details are also published on UTILITYnet's web site under the heading of Key Performance Indicators.
LL The information to calculate the LL is obtained from the WCI transaction (as referenced within under the Systems Settlement Code as administered by the AUC). For customers in all other distribution zones the line loss factor is provided by the distribution company and referenced as a percentage.

PP Refers to the hourly Power Pool price as published by the Alberta Electric System Operator.

STC Means the Spot Trading Charge as published by the Alberta Electric Systems Operator.

UFE Means the unaccounted for energy. The UFE factor is obtained from the SSI transaction as provided by the Load Settlement Agent (LSA). The LSA is the operating division within each Distribution Company.