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What Comes After Oil in Alberta?

A group of Albertans is trying to imagine life here after Oil with more of a liberal arts approach to the challenge than an engineer's.

The eight industrial nations of the G8 (which includes Canada) have all agreed to phase out the use of all fossil fuels by the end of this century.  If you think about how much the world has changed since 1930 it is incredible to think about how much more it will change in the next 85 years.

Can you imagine changing your relationship with energy?  Producing and consuming the energy you use at home and at work.  Fossil fuels have been the greatest enabler of work ever but their scarcity and the reality of climate change require us to change our society.

How will we move, work, play and relate to each other in a world in which oil is not a source of energy?

It is such an incredibly interesting topic that a public event Friday August 21st to discuss it has sold out.

After Oil: Public Roundtable

I know solar power will be a critical part of the energy mix going forward. Look forward to helping society adopt it to meet your energy needs now and after oil.



Posted by: kylek
Posted on: 2015-08-14 00:00:00