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Work in the Sun Patch!

A popular narrative shared by people vested in burning coal to generate electricity in Alberta is that hundreds of people will lose their jobs and way of life. It is notable they say hundreds and not thousands and that they don't mention the challenges Alberta has with air pollution from coal power at the same time.

I have some good news for people with this worry. If you are willing to adapt, there will be thousands of new jobs in Alberta's Sun Patch.

Our neighbors to the south who support renewable energy with an investment tax credit are experiencing the boom of a new industry. Already more people work in the US solar industry than the US coal industry. And in 2015 more new jobs were created in the solar industry than in oil and gas industry. That is incredible!

1 in 83 new jobs created in the growing US economy is from the solar power industry.  Here is a great article with some hi-lights.

I hope we can bring this economic engine to Alberta!

Posted by: kylek
Posted on: 2016-01-19 00:00:00