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Solar Powered Pumpjacks in Alberta

Despite popular perception, there is no conflict between the oil and gas industry and using solar power.  This is why it makes sense for an Alberta based company such as Enbridge that transports and distributes oil & gas to also be one of Canada's largest renewable energy companies. In fact for every solar panel operating in Alberta, Enbridge owns 15 solar panels working for it at other sites across North America.

Now, Alberta based Imaginea Energy Corp. is defying all stereotypes about oil & gas with an innovative way to power its traditional pump jacks using solar panels.  Where Enbridge uses traditional power for its operations and owns solar power generating stations in other locations to offset its consumption, Imaginea Energy has figured out that it makes sense to install solar panels at its pump jack sites in Alberta right where it uses electricity. This is exactly the kind of shift that SOLARMAX Power encourages its customers to make.  Generate your electricity with solar panels, where you use it and help to change the world.

See video of the Solar Powered Pumpjack here:

Posted by: kylek
Posted on: 2015-10-07 00:00:00