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It is easy to connect to the Grid

A perception exist that it is somehow difficult to connect a solar power system to the electrical grid in Alberta. Some people even believe that the big wire and metering companies like EPCOR, FORTIS, ATCO and ENMAX will not allow people to connect a solar power system to their grids.

However, connecting to any grid is a straight forward and obstacle free process in Alberta.  In 2008, the Alberta Government enacted its Micro-Generation Regulations for renewable energy sources. Since then big utilities, regional electrifications associations and municipal governments have fallen in line with customer friendly processes to support and in some cases even encourage the use of solar power to lower energy consumption and generate clean energy locally.  If you want to add a solar power system to your roof, no government or big utility is going to stop you.

The institutional obstacles in front of you have been removed and the global market forces behind you are building up a sizeable tail wind.  At SOLARMAX Power we don't think the conversation is focused anymore on if we'll adopt solar power.  We now think it is just a conversation about time.

Posted by: kylek
Posted on: 2015-09-21 00:00:00